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The rumor about the CTS-V being held-back from shipping to Europe was just that – a rumor. The debunking has been made official here. If you’d like to read the rest of this old article anywhere, than read one…

One might think the “fastest production sedan in the world” might sell well in Europe – where they have various BMW-M and Mercedes AMG vehicles running rampant. But apparently, GM doesn’t think it’ll sell.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the CTS-V cannot be structured for right hand drive. No, that’s not it – in Germany, vehicles are left hand drive. Maybe it’s the fact that the Vauxhall VXR8 (another GM vehicle) is right around the corner in the United Kingdom. If that’s the problem, than GM has some serious stature issues with Cadillac. Cadillac is GMs flagship brand. Why should it worry about Vauxhall?

Could it be the catastrophic failure of the Cadillac BLS in Europe? Doubtful.. The BLS is an obvious reskin of the Saab 9-3. The CTS-V wouldn’t have this issue to contend with. How about fuel consumption? Maybe Europeans would refuse to purchase a fuel-thirsty CTS-V because of the high price of gasoline.. But don’t the high performance BMW and Mercedes vehicles use just as much gas? Obviously, yes – but people with enough money to buy a BMW M5 or Mercedes S65 AMG certainly aren’t concerned about the price of gas!

GM needs to wake up and start playing the game if it wants to continue to be IN the game. How about a limited run of the CTS-V in Germany? Sell a few to dealers who request it and see what happens. Let the Europeans decide whether or not they want the fastest production sedan in the world. How does anyone or any business succeed with initiatives that they don’t try at all?! That’s the #1 recipe for failure right there.

I believe the truth in the matter is that GM doesn’t have the money to certify the CTS-V in Europe. The real issue may be the cost involved and the limited profit to be made after certification. But since the CTS is already localized for sale in Europe, what challenges remain for certification of the CTS-V? It’s a shame that GM is in such bad financial shape because I, for one, believe the “fastest production sedan in the world” would sell just fine anywhere.

Cadillac probably could once again become the “Standard of the World” if it weren’t stuck under GM’s wing… — (This rant is based on an article posted at Top Gear.)

The CTS-V WILL Go To Europe
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