In a recent automotive publication, we find some interesting and revealing information into future Cadillac models. The article discusses how the Cadillac CTS will make it’s way into the Australian market during the fourth quarter of 2008, followed by the CTS wagon and CTC, also known as the CTS Coupe, in 2009. We already figured that. Right? But the rest is new to us, and hopefully new to you…

2010 is where things start getting interesting. We’re seeing a Cadillac BLS II, a BRX mid-sized SUV and the STS in 2010. In 2011, we see a SRX listed as a large SUV and a “ATS Compact”, followed by a “Escalade IV SUV” in 2012. So it looks like we may be seeing a few new models, as expected, over the next few years.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the Australians will be getting the new CTS-V. “When we put the 6.3-litre V8 engine and put all the plumbing in we ran out of real estate (under the bonnet),” Mr Lutz explained. “And it is a tragedy. Australians are going to be deprived.”

There’s just not enough room for the engine with a right-side drive setup. So, they may be getting something a little less powerful than the American V8 version – a Holden Special Vehicles turbocharged V6. They’re figuring for about 500 horsepower. That may be a prediction for our own future in America with the new CAFE standards coming into play.

Sneak Peak Into The Future For Cadillac
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