Over the years, Cadillac has produced many different car models, each varying in feature and style. Perhaps the most recent style changes to this line of cars is its new, attractive sporty look. Packed full of features Cadillac owners have come to know and love, the new look only adds to the car’s popularity.

Now, Cadillac celebrates the Cien, with its V-12 concept car. A befitting icon to usher in the brand’s 100th anniversary, the Cien is already raking in rave anticipatory reviews.

This aerodynamic car, named for the Spanish word meaning 100, holistically illustrates Cadillac’s signature art and science philosophy, melding design and technology in a mid-engine, two-seat sports car expected to rival all others in its class.

This art and science philosophy design incorporates sharp, shear forms and crisp edges, thus expressing bold, high-technology design, and also invokes the technology used to design it.

Here, with the Cien, dynamic lines are used to form geometric forms similar to those of the Evoq, Imaj and Vizón concept vehicles that preceded it. Its low, sleek appearance which was inspired by that of the modern-day stealth aircraft, introduces a different proportion for Cadillac and further demonstrates the reach of the Brand’s identity.

Features that set it apart in appearance include: trapezoidal air inlets milled into the front front-end surface graphically forming Cadillac’s shield-like grill, along with the centrally mounted badge. This bank of air inlets cools the front-mounted radiators, and is flanked on either side by vertical headlamps.

In profile, the characteristic Cadillac crisp-edged spline running the length of the body from front to rear suggests tension in the surface, while another taut line sweeps over the rear wheel well, and returns to the front, thus creating quite a dynamic appearance.

The body and chassis are both made of carbon fiber composite that that is lightweight and stiff. The Cien’s scissor-style doors pivot at the base of the a-pillars upon opening.

The interior of the car hosts high-tech capabilities, equipped with many features found in other Cadillac models. This helps balance technical feel with modern luxury, and are sure to satisfy any Cadillac and sports car lover.

Though this car has not yet been released, it is expected to take off soon. There is already a lot of hype surrounding it, and why not? With all its technical features, great handling, and sleek, sporty appearance, how could you possibly go wrong.

In other news, the U.S. Patent Office has issued GM the name DTS-L. With Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lincoln and Chrysler all having long wheel base versions of their full-size luxury sedan, it would only make sense for Cadillac to offer the same. While the DTS-L may not offer the same amount of shoulder room as the Fleetwood, at least there would be plenty of legroom. Click here.

Cadillac Cien; DTS-L (LWB Coming Soon?)
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cadillac struts…

need to find out where des the termostat in a Cadillac El Dorado 1998 is located in… it is on the upper radiotor hose look at the front of the engine you will see a silver thing this is your radiator…