Cadillac has enjoyed an extensive history, spanning over a period of many years with a plethora of models sold during its time. Here, buyers had countless choices, all designed to pack the most features into a vehicle that was made to handle them all. So, it seems fitting to mention a monumental event that took place this month, in Cadillac history.

On July 29, 1909, the Buick Motor company acquired Cadillac Motor Company on behalf of General Motors for a sum of $4.5 million. The Cadillac from built from the Henry Ford Company, which was organized by William Murphy to produce a car by Henry Ford himself.

Murphy, having been one of the original backers of the Detroit Automobile Company, which had dissolved in 1901 when Ford failed to build a car he was willing to put to market, took on this business and began building it from the ground up. Murphy, also still having faith in Ford, gave him another chance, allowing him the opportunity to form the Ford Company while opting to use the Ford name due to the recognition he had received from his recent racing ventures.

Ford was said to be so be so wrapped up in racing that he once again failed to produce, which subsequent led to his being fired.

Murphy then asked Henry Leland, a partner in the Detroit to appraise the business before he sold it. Leland, however, persuaded Murphy and his partners to stay in business, promising them a car designed to be so successful it would be profitable as well.

In August, 1902, the Cadillac Car Company was formed, and Leland gradually took control of the daily operations. By the end of 1903, 2,500 Cadillacs had been produced.

As sales began to rise, the Cadillac company was merged with Faulconer and Leland. William Durant later seized the opportunity to add the valuable brand to his newly formed General Motors Corporation, and attempted to arrange to stock trade deal with the Lelands. They refused. They wanted cash.

Durant finally obtained the cash, and purchased Cadillac through Buick, on behalf of General Motors. Durant let the Lelands on as management, saying he wanted them to continue running the company as though it was still their own.

Since that time, Cadillac has undergone many changes and produced many models that have become quite popular, even after Cadillac ceased to produce them. This is, perhaps, one reason why it remains one of the most popular car companies to date.

Cadillac History
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