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When Lincoln presented the MKT concept at the Detroit Auto Show, it reminded me a little of the past. Remember when they first introduced the Navigator? Cadillac rushed through the design process and gave us little more than a rebadged GMC Yukon Denali. It was smaller than the Navigator, a five-seater, and used the exact same engine with identical performance to the GMC model. The first Cadillac Escalade was a largely unsuccessful endeavor.

Cadillac was late to the game, but realized how full-size luxury SUVs were going to become a very popular item on the market. Nowadays, with gasoline prices skyrocketing, SUVs are becoming less popular. Not only are they a bad idea because people are buying them less, it just seems to “look bad” as people are generally expecting automobile companies to go “green”.

Crossover SUVs, first made popular with the Lexus RX300, will slowly replace the full-size SUV. However, they’re quite a bit smaller than the Lincoln Navigators and Cadillac Escalades we see today. Which brings Lincoln to re-invent the Crossover SUV as something larger, roomier and even more efficient than current offerings.

The Lincoln MKT is big, but not nearly as heavy as today’s full-size SUVs. Inside, it has as much room as the Lincoln Town Car and past Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. It offers the comfort of a luxury sedan, the spaciousness and flexibility of a full-size utility and the performance of a sporty roadster – crafted with excellence and “green” materials that make it as responsible as it is elegant. It’s going to be a soft riding, extremely quiet and comfortable vehicle – referred to as “the Learjet of the road”.

So as Crossover vehicles get a little bigger and begin to replace full-size sport utility vehicles, time presses on and Cadillac needs to come up with something better than the first Escalade to compete…

New, Larger Crossover SUVs on the Horizon?
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