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Automotive Web site claims to have inside information that the C7 going midengine is nearly a done deal; a final decision is due next month, it insists. However, talks like this have been going on since the 1960s. Being that the Cadillac XLR is built on the same architecture as the current Corvette, it would make sense that it too would become a mid-engined vehicle.But is a fast, high-horsepower midengine Corvette the right symbol for GM’s global technology leadership? Maybe not in this era of more stringent fuel-economy efforts. Furthermore, many people have a hard time believing this is possible without the price of the vehicle increasing to a point that the Corvette is no longer affordable by it’s growing base of customers.

Another thought popping up around the internet is of the Cadillac Cien. If the XLR would to go mid-engine – would it also take the form of the Cien? Why not? The XLR is sorely due for a redesign…

Only time will tell – and if we don’t hear anything by the end of September, we can stop holding our breath and look to 2010s for our next set of mid-engine rumors…

Mid-Engined Cadillac XLR Coming Soon?
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