Cadillac is known for their trim levels, there’s no doubt about it. Not only does Cadillac often have a variety of trim levels for each of their vehicles, they often morph into bigger and usually better things. Many trim levels that have been offered during the history started off as actual vehicles and then have been reduced to just trim levels of another vehicle in the Cadillac lineup. On the other hand, the Deville was first a trim level on other Cadillac vehicles and it proved to be so popular that it became its own model. But, that isn’t the end of the story for the name! The Deville trim line that became the Deville model again was changed to the DTS, the Deville Touring Sedan. The Deville has been successful all along, but it has morphed into what it has needed to be as times change and consumers are looking for something new and different.The fact of the matter is that Cadillac has always stuck with what has worked. Well, there has been the occasional mishap, such as the Cimarron, but generally they do what works and when they find it they stick with it. The Cadillac division of General Motors has been known as a very upscale, quality, reliable brand of cars for a long time, partly because they stick with that works. This doesn’t mean that Cadillac is known for keeping a vehicle in the lineup long after it is warranted. Instead it means that they take what works about a vehicle, transform it into a trim level, and do away with the original vehicle that inspired the trim line altogether.

Of course, the Deville is not the only example of the morphing from one to the other. The Series 70 was produced for a good deal of time, but by the ‘70s at the end of its production the name was hardly seen as more than a trim level for the Fleetwood vehicles. Again, Cadillac made the most of what they had. They used what was familiar to consumers so that new vehicles would continue to sell despite their differences and more modern features that may not be all that well accepted when first introduced.

While many of the Cadillac vehicles used to have trim lines that were similar or the same, such as the Deville, it is not as common these days. Now, each vehicle is more independent of the others and consumers can choose from sportier trim lines, stiffer suspensions, and upgraded interior and luxury items. Cadillac now is switching to the acronym names for their vehicles, such as the earlier mentioned DTS, or Deville Touring Sedan. These simpler names are attractive to many, as they sound sportier, which is what Cadillac may need to break away from the stereotype of the older person’s vehicle so that it can compete with the likes of BMW and other luxury vehicle manufacturers.

Really, it’s interesting to look at the history of any Cadillac vehicle or trim line because you will almost always see the name used in the past in another capacity. It’s quite interesting to see Cadillac history repeat itself, or at least change with the times to meet the needs of the consumer. When you look at Cadillac vehicles and trim levels and trace them back a ways, it is easy to see why the Cadillac division of General Motors has continued to do so well over the years.

From Model to Trim Line and Back Again

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