Unreal but True story..

The Mad Cadder

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Sep 20, 2013
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Detoilet Mi
I made the mistake of owning a 87 sedan deville.. I got a special deal from
Massey Cadillac cause everyone there knew me from my Dad..
They sold it to me at zero profit for $6500

It was like a new car ...excellent conditon.. Like I usually did I put a
oil pressure water temp and volt meter on it... after a 30 mile drive it
had about 2 lb op.. they have a special sender on those bombers set
for 1 psi.. anyway i tried to sell it for $6500 for months !!

Keep in mind it looked perfect inside and out.. no one knew about the op
cause i pulled the gauge ..ht4100 bastard is normal at 2psi..

One of the flies that came to buzz around it in particular is burned into
my brain. Becuase you just had to experience this to understand the
magnatude of stupidity involved.. He was a older guy maybe 60..
He looked the car over and couldn't believe how good of shape it was
in.. we started talking money and the car is running and he turned the
radio on it was on a rock and roll station (OLDIES station) he says woe!'
wait a minute you listen to that kind of music you've been hot roddin
this car I can tell he goes you have two different size tires I said yeah
the fronts are different size than the back the car came that way I
didn't touch it he said that's cause you've been burning rubber I said
not that I've tried but at 130 horsepower this car couldn't Burn Rubber
on a oil slick. Needless to say since i obviously had been buring rubber
he didnt buy it.. Never mind the fact that the trans fluid looked new
and the car drove like it was brand new!!

After months and months we had a tornado like storm go thru and a
Giant tree limb fell across it.. It was smashed front to rear across the
roof.. I parked it in the backyard at the fence my parents had 185'
deep backyard.. A few days later some guy is knocking on the door.
When I open it he says...I seen that Cadillac went into your yard
to look at it... hope you dont mind.. I say no problem .. He says i saw
the for sale sign for $6500 is it still for sale.. I said yes.. He says ok so
youlk take $4500 ..Iam like HELL YEA.. Sure enough he bought it for $4500 .
Prior to this the insurance had aprrasied the damage and totaled the car..
They gave me $6000 !!

So i ended up getting $10,500 for a smasehed to hell junker That I
couldnt give away when it was in PERFECT SHAPE


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Dec 1, 2009
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Saginaw michigan area
A real sucker for punishment !! The HT4100 in my old '85 Fleetwood runs great ! It's the best part of the car ! It's just too bad that the brakes suck without a good vacuum pump !

The HT stands for "high tech" ..imagine that !!!


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Apr 29, 2016
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Sioux Falls, SD
They WERE high tech. Unfortunately bleeding edge tech is rarely reliable. There's an old GM video out there on Youtube showing the factory building those engines, and a lot of the assembly methods are still used today.