Tony Doyle 8AD-F85

Discussion in 'Big Block Cadillacs' started by danporterjr, Feb 6, 2020.

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    If anyone else has been scammed by Tony Doyle AKA 8AD-F85 please contact the Duluth Police Department.

    Ryan Temple <>

    As I figured he has stopped responding to my emails and PM's. He stole $3,500.00 from me for a stroker cadillac he promised to have completed before memorial day weekend of 2018. He "needed" the money to buy parts for the build. The balance was to be the trade of my Cadillac I was currently running on my airboat. Part way through he called stating he was having trouble sourcing the block to build off of and asked if I was "die hard Cadillac" that he could build a chevy easier. I agreed but never received anything. He offered a full refund after several missed deadlines and no idea of when he could complete it when money was "stolen" from him by another forum member. He never sent me a penny of a refund that was promised. I offered to drive from Nebraska to Duluth to collect any parts that I paid for or a refund but was told if I did I would end up in jail. I know I am not the only one who has lost money or parts to him. My ex wife passed away on Labor Day and I could have really used the money to help with taking care of my son alone and to settle her estate for him. He prayed on my trust in people and stole my money.
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    Dave Brode did also...:mad: I suggested he file charges for internet fraud.

    Doug in P.R.:cool:

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