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Discussion in 'Big Block Cadillacs' started by shiftless, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. shiftless

    shiftless Active Member

    Oct 13, 2004
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    Gadsden, AL
    Hi Guys,
    Please post your Cadillac engine combos (engine displacement and modifications, approx horsepower, vehicle weight w/ driver, transmission type, all the details) along with your best E.T.s / MPH with that combo.  NO DISCUSSION PLEASE in this thread, its purpose is to give others a clear idea of what stuff it takes to go a certain E.T. and MPH.
  2. cadillac512

    cadillac512 Active Member

    Oct 13, 2004
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       '26 Model T coupe drag car
       2480# with driver
       4-link rear,9" Ford
       3.50 gear
       3000 stall 10" converter
      TH400 short tail w/manual valve body and HD sprag
      29.5/10.5 slicks

       504" Cadillac
       500 block .020 overbore with stock replacement cast pistons (flat top w/small dish and .100 valve reliefs cut).005 in the hole
      Ported 76cc heads with 2.19/1.88 valves
      Custom stud mounts with Crower 1.7 rockers
      Custom 10.200" length pushrods
      263 @ .050,.550 lift,112 lobe sep single pattern solid cam installed 5 deg advanced
      11:1 compression ratio
      Edelbrock 2115 intake lightly deburred and smoothed
      Stock crank polished std/std
      Stock Caddy rods resized w/ARP bolts
    Stock aluminum oil pump w/ passages smoothed and radiused
      MSD distributor,Digital 6+ box,Blaster SS coil
      850 Holley DP
      Eldorado oil pan
      Corteco Head gaskets
      Cloyes timing set

       Makes somewhere around 550 HP
       Best 1/4 mile time 10.12 at 132 mph
      Best 1/8 mile time 6.43  at 107 mph
      60' - 1.455 sec.
  3. Outlaw

    Outlaw Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    1968 cdv, 472, prob about 4800lbs, all stock, single exaust, 15;24et  , all I remember from 1979, OUTLAW
  4. dave brode

    dave brode Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Frostburg, Maryland
    Low buck clunker '72 C-20 chev pu.

    4680 lbs w/o driver, too deep 4.11s, split rim 7.50x16 winter tires.

    100K mile '76 500 from $100 CDV.
    Ported early intake, divider intact.
    1" spacer under a small Q-J
    1.875" headers, 2.5" flowmasters and pipes
    Otherwise stock engine.
    13" switch pitch. Could not use high stall due to wheelspin

    Ran best et shifting at 4400.

    14.67 at 92, with lousy 2.3 second et short time. Gear bound on the other end.

    POTTER New Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Chattanooga, Tennessee
    3000# tube frame/glass 68 Camaro RS
    713 hp iron head engine
    5.95 @ 124 mph  1/8 mi.

    1800# dragster
    547" alum. head engine
    16 bent valves
    4.79 @ 146 mph  1/8 mi.
  6. coppercaddy

    coppercaddy New Member

    Dec 7, 2005
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    hey. 1977 CDV 15year old caddy build, 512 ci. 13.60 at 98 mph practically running out of fuel 3 quarters down the track. getting a fuel system this winter. The car is totally loaded and stock,except for engine,trans and rearend. HAHA.  And  it turns heads when they see no nitrous and a quadrajet, that doesnt bog.
  7. montiac

    montiac Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    My old set up was.........3150lb Monte SS
                                      Stock front clip ladder bar suspension
                                      Trans Specialities T-400 w/brake 
                                      509 CU Iron heads....
                                      Best ET....9.87 @ 136mph
    New set up.................Fulltube C/M chassis by Montana Bros (2400lbs)
                                    Strange struts F&R
                                    Same 509 CU w/Iron heads
                                      Freddie Brown T-400 w/brake
                                    Best ET....9.43 @ 141mph....more tuning....9.14 @ 137
    New motor...1 pass.....iron headed N/A 514 cu...
    8.89 et...152 w/1.23 60ft...
  8. Sean

    Sean Active Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Greenville, Ohio
    '70 Coupe Deville, 4600lbs with driver
    Manley rods,BRC 8:1 pistons
    ported BD heads and intake
    CSU prepped 850 blow-through-carb
    MSD 6AL ignition
    250ish @.050"  .600" lift cam
    PT90 turbo 18-19psi
    12"X24"X4" intercooler
    3200 stall
    3.25:1 rear
    10.95 et
  9. Andy V

    Andy V Active Member

    Oct 22, 2004
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    Harrisburg, PA
    1968 Deville Convertible, 4850 lbs. w/ driver
    TH400 - shift kit w/ 2200 stall, 2.94:1 gears (stock caddy rear)

    1)  original 472 w/ stock heads, Edelbrock intake, MTS VT5 cam, 800cfm Qjet
    Stock exh manifolds w/ single exhaust, exhaust cutout after Ypipe.
    14.87@92.4 mph
    125hp NOS powershot plate added - 13.894 @ 101.58mph.

    2)  514 based on .060 over '76 500 block
    76cc heads ported, 2.19/1.84 valves
    Edelbrock intake
    6.735 forged Olds rods
    KB382 pistons (10.2:1) ---->  KB's EXPLODED
    Comp cam  232/237 at .050, .547 lift
    1.7 stud mount roller tip rockers
    850 Holley vac. sec.
    Stock exh manifolds, 2.5" dual exhaust w/ cutouts in the middle tranny area

    14.25 @ 96.8mph
    340hp/420tq at rear wheels (Dynojet)

    w/ NOS plate added.....422hp/545tq at wheels.
    Track time on NOS coming around April '06  :weeping:

    updated 2006 w/ new 507 motor, running same heads/cam and Probe forged 10:1 pistons and Scat 7" rods (from MTS):
    This pass w/ 210hp spray:

    2.455  60'
    5.976  330'
    8.857  660'  85.35 mph
    11.347  1000'
    13.430 @ 108.44 mph.
  10. 73 Century April aka Jeff

    73 Century April aka Jeff New Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Vallejo, CA
    61 Suburban
    Completely stock 500
    3"single exhaust
    Turbo 400, stock stall
    3.00 nine inch
    4600 pound empty, 5000 plus with me AND my buddy in it!
    15.60's all night long
  11. RED caddy

    RED caddy New Member

    Oct 17, 2004
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    Venice FL
    225 inch W/base rear engine dragster,15 X 18 X 33 hoosier slicks, spooled Ford 9" W/3.50 gears.
    '76 500,: '74 stock eldo cam 4 deg. adv, stock HEI W/ MSD 6 AL box, 120 cc heads: gasket matched to Al's paper gaskets, mild port and polish, milled .040" chambers polished and matched to 117 cc, stock valves, BBF springs, keepers and retainers, Edelbrock manifold W/ Holley 950 DP, 50 cc REO pumps F&R, 2 in spacer and 6 deg wedge,Holley BLUE pump, 1/2 in. supply 3/8 ths. return, full flow W/pill restrictor, 5.5 psi at carb inlet log,  Manifold gasket matched, smoothed and bead blasted. Stock waterpump W/Moroso elect. drive kit, 21 in. X 2.5 in. zoomie's Mid sump pan W/baffels.TH-400 W/ modified valve body and cooler, B&M 3000 holeshot converter.
    1546 Lbs.wet.      Launch @ 1200 RPM, shift @ 3100, thru the lites @ 4900 to 5100 RPM. Best 60 ft. 1.023, Best 1/8th.6.06 @ 109.88 MPH, Best 1/4 9.698 @ 143.667 MPH.
    My Desktop dyno say's 389 HP @ 488 LB FT torque, real dyno numbers may vary...Engine has 75 K miles + over 400 passes, comp. averages 188 W/ 79 % leakdown.        RED
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Mine was  :backinmyday: a '83 Bonneville with a stock '74 500 and Cad th400. I did have a Edelbrock intake and a recurve kit in the distributor and dual exhaust. The rear gears are 2.29s. I only made one pass down Epping dragstrip last year and I spun the tires awfully right off the line but I still ran a 14.8 et. I have no doubt it could have run low 14s or maybe even better with a little practice.  :thumbup:
  13. LUXLX

    LUXLX Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Fox body Mustang 3275#'s w/driver
      stock suspended
      stock t400 w/shift kit
      2200 stall
      8.8, 31 spline, spool, T/A, 3.08 gear
      stock brakes
      15x8 w/28x10.5 slick or 28x12.5 ET Street

      Stock bottom end '75 500
      120cc heads, 2.11/1.77, ported
       custom T peds
       Lunati camshaft .241/.250 @ .050  .503/.503 w/1.62
       Edelbrock intake
       Nutten Holley 850
       A touch of spray... :devil:(250hp)

       11.40's on HP @ 118mph
        best of 9.97 @ 136mph on spray

  14. Cadillacs R Us

    Cadillacs R Us Active Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Kendallville, Indiana
          82 chevy 1/2 ton long bed   4460#  duel tanks
          power steer..power brakes
          Cal-Trac bars      Dana 60 (welded spiders) 3.54 gear with 9 inch Ford bearing ends
          9 inch 30 spline Moser axles 
          275/60/15 BFG Drag Radials
          RV 1000 RPM stall 13 inch   T-400
          light box tube transmission crossmember which made for a lot of frame flex which caused me not to have a good 60 ft :thumbdown:

          509     KB hyper flat tops   6.76 Mopar rods
          493s    .060 cut off   9.5 comp
          2.08 in/ 1.75 ex  much port work by Potter
          Blue Racer 2.18/228--.525/.533 
          Comp Cams roller tip 1.72 rockers
          Adv duration 284/298    110 L/C
          2115 Edel    stock Holley 4150 HP--950 with vacuum secondaries
          Comp 9000 Mallory
          $78 Summit headers that I redid to fit
          Potter dynoed 488 hp/582 tq with 2 1/4 headers
          Never tuned engine. Tall truck.  Pain in the ass to climb in engine bay to work on it.   Had other things going.......plugs and exhaust were allways black
      Allways had some wheel hop with the Cal-Trac bars. NHRA Dodge truck racers said I had way to much frame flex and wheelbase length for a 60 ft time.  I did have  1.84s but could have been much better.
          Best times were 12.61s @ 108 mph on a cool day   13.00 flat @ 104  on a hot day.   
          Engine has been on engine stand all year waiting for updates.  Would like to have put engine in my  Coup   Instant 12.40s because of wheel-base alone :thumbup:

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  15. bill

    bill New Member

    Mar 10, 2005
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    waterford, new jersey
    1949 caddy, coupe deville
    529 cuin
    solid cam
    torqer@ manifold
    biger valves
    1050 dominator
    400 turbo
    3:43 gears
    29.5x10.5x15 slicks
    best time 11:17@119mph

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  16. badmojo

    badmojo New Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    84 Pontiac Bonnivile wagon(g-body)
    509" w/ Potter rotating assy
    lunati race cam
    ported 120cc heads w/ 2.11/1.77 valves
    Eldelbrock 2115/holley 850hp
    7.5rear w/ 3.42gear & lincoln locker
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

      Have a 1975 Dodge swb pick-up with a basically bone stock 472.No bore/stroke job.The engine is a 1970 vintage
    with the 76 cc heads which have I've opened and smoothed the ports and combustion chamber.The rotating is balanced.It has stock intake and exhaust manifolds and a mild Lunati cam with a 125 hp nitrous set-up.The tranny is the Cadillac long tail TH-400.The rear end is out of a 1980 Dodge Ram Charger,limited slip with 2.94 gears. Weighs 3300-3500 lbs.
    (It's a daily driver) It's best times without the squeezes is 12.56@ about 100mph,with the squeeze on after the revs get a little past 2,000 rpm's and holding it all the to the end it ran 11.82 @ 114 mph.That's with 10.5x29 slicks.
    It sure pisses off the youngsters with their Camaro's and Mustangs when I smoke their butts.

    RAMILLAC New Member

    Sep 29, 2005
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    near Gap PA
    61 Rambler American, cruiser/ drag car
    3400lb w/me
    dana 60, moser 35, 410 gear, 32 dia tires,
    Final DR 3:73
    10in Trans Specialties converter,  2800 to 3200 stall
    TH400 w/shift kit.
    ported ebrock  w/ holley 950HP
    Erson cam 244 dur@50 558 lift
    big valve 76 cc ported heads w/ backyard hack port job
    converted points dist, pertronics ,
    headers [backyard/ho made
    1976, 500 bored 40. over w/ KB 10.1 hyper pistons
    Crank has casting marks and flash removed with little weight reduction than balanced
    Rods are eagle OLDS h-beams
    intake  matched to the head ports
    shaft rockers FE type non-adj
    blue printed oil pump hphv
    Rans 11.22 @123 1/4  temp was 110 deg, carb was lean, bad 60ft [1.75] no traction.

  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    -1979 Chevrolet Malibu
    -517 c.i. Cadillac
    -'70 Model Cylinder Heads
    -2.24" Intake, 1.84" Exhaust Valves
    -Comp Cam
    -Roller Rockers
    -Keith Black Hyper-u-tectic Pistons
    -10:1 Comperssion
    -Edelbrock 850 cfm Quadrajet
    -Edelbrock Intake
    -K&N Airfilter
    -Holley Annihilator Ignition
    -Turbo 400 Transmission
    -TCI Street Fighter Converter
    -B&M Shifter
    -Line Lock
    -12 Bolt Rear End
    -3.31 Gears
    -PowerTrax Heavy Duty Locker
    -Handmade Headers
    -Dual 3" Exhaust
    -X Pipe
    -Dual 3" Flowmasters
    -'99 Chrysler White w/Gold Pearl
    -Fiberglass Hood, and Front & Rear Bumpers
    -5" Rallys Front, 8" Rallys Rear
    -205/70R15's Front, 295/50R15's Rear

    -7.75@89 mph 1/8th Mile (serious fuel problems)
    -1.65 60 ft. times
  20. nova50073

    nova50073 Member

    Oct 14, 2004
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    Earl , NC 30 miles west of charlotte
    73 chevy Nova with 6 point cage, swing out door bar.
    about 3900 lbs. with driver
    9” ford rearend with 3.50 gear, Detroit locker
    2200 rpm stall, 12” PTC converter
    TH 400 short tailshaft
    30” X  10” MT DOT slicks

    Stock 500ci 76 year model bottom end
    New rings and bearings
    Pistons cut for valves reliefs
    Ceramic coating on pistons top and combustion chamber
    Cloyes timing chain
    MT-15 cam   IN .230 @ .050     EX .236 @ .050    110 lobe separation   lift .562
    76 cc Iron heads, opened up to 83cc, home ported with 2.19/1.88 valves
    stock rocker arms, .030 longer pushrods
    11:1 compression  with corteco head gaskets
    Milodon head studs PN #80291
    2115 edelbrock intake
    Demon 850 vac sec
    MSD 6-AL box
    100 hp shot of N2O

    Best 1/8 mile 7.25@ 93.7 mph      60’ @ 1.603
    I like this engine because I only have $1500 in it not including the carb.
    $200 for the core engine
    $220 for rings bearing , gaskets
    $250 for SS valves
    $400 cam kit
    $250 for Intake
    $100 timing chain
    $100 head studs
    Making good power the csob way.

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