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    pair of 950’s from Cadco are there Super Street heads. 2.19 intakes, springs for hydraulic cam, not fully ported. Good for a street build. Was gonna use them on an engine for a g body driver. But didnt go ahead with it. Were about $1700 plus freight
    Sell for $1300 shipped/in 48 states
    From there web site—-
    $1,750 Specify 76cc, 120cc, or 425 heads. Shot-tumbled, magnafluxed, surfaced, and assembled. Intake and exhaust ports are matched to our premium gaskets. Pushrod walls on the intake side are moved back. Ports are smoothed, blended, and polished (the last 1½”). Bronze guide-liners are installed, and three angle seats are cut and hand lapped. Super/Street heads are assembled using oversize 21-4N stainless valves (2.19/1.90 for 76cc, 2.11/1.77 for 120cc and 425 heads), special spring shims, performance valve springs (single w/ damper), Chromoly retainers, and hardened valve locks. Valves are not “back cut” to ensure maximum longevity.
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    Sold, Thanks Steve

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