Last Chance

peter phillips

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Jun 2, 2011
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Mississauga Ontario canada
Yesterday was really the last chance around here for me to bring the Ventura out for a ride, The sun was shining ,very little wind and the temperature in the low 60's ,T-shirt weather . The forecast was rain and colder for Saturday and snow on Sunday .so it was do it or wait till spring .

It had been a couple of weeks but the big 500 incher fired right up and a few minutes later I was working my way out of the neighbourhood ,So I'm stopped at a red light and looking around and kitty corner across the intersection is a group of young guys on bicycles ,all around 12 or 13 years oid .Unusual for these days ,most of these guys are usually face down in a computer screen ,not outside and on bikes .But hey ,they're checking me out ,looking my way ,poking each other and pointing at me ,again unusual .No rice rocket here .Was up ?

The light turns ,they start across and I'm going to make a left turn behind them so we get real close to each other and one of them yells out ,"that's ****ing awesome" . The others all cheer as I go by .

Made me smile .