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    Toilet paper may be in short supply, but there are now plenty of children wandering around aimlessly after their schools shut down and booted them out the door. Now is a great opportunity to get kids interested in cars. A little tinkering on cars can help teach them how to use their minds and hands to prevent and solve problems. Increased confidence and competence will make them better able to handle and enjoy life's challenges.

    If they have replaced heater hoses on a car, then they probably will have the confidence to replace a leaky bathroom faucet in their own homes someday. Instead of feeling helpless and panicky when the toilet paper shelves are empty, they will stay calm, trusting in their ability to come up with their own solutions if necessary; rags, shop towels, thimbleberry leaves, dad's old hankies...

    Car "tinkering" does not have to start big. A child's first car project could be as simple as learning how to properly wash a car. It is easy to forget that a younger child may not even yet know how to connect a garden hose to a spigot. He/she will beam with pride once he/she has that knowledge and sees how nice the family vehicle looks after the grime is washed away. The adults involved in all this mentoring will have memories of good times spent with the kids that drown out insignificant memories of empty toilet paper shelves.


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    That is awesome, mentoring a child to get under a jacked up car without the use of a jack stand. I didn't learn that until I was at least 20. Well now, on closer inspection there are a few hunks of 4" by 4" under there.
    And changing a high pressure fuel filter without eye protection..................

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