How to Post Images on the Forum


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Aug 15, 2007
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West Central, Indiana
These steps will allow you to post images on the forum.

First off there is a 256K limit on the size your images can be, so if they are larger than this you can go to the site I use to resize them for free.

Picresize is very easy to use.

1. When posting a message and you want to attach an image scroll down below the message window and look for the "Upload attachment" tab.

2. Press the "Upload attachment tab.

3. Then click the box "Choose File"

4. Select the image from your photo or document files. You will then notice it has left script or your photo name in the box.

5. After you see the script in the box click on the box to the immediate right "Add the file"

6. To add more photos repeat the process. You can post up to 5 images per post.

7. When finished adding photos click "Submit" and your message and photos will post.