Help with 365 engine number


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Feb 29, 2016
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Hi. I am from Tenerife (Spain) and have no too much help around with this kind of cars. I´ve been driven my cadillac sedan serie 62 year 1957 for 5 years and now having some problems with valves I am going to change them. My problem is that USA shops ask me if it is a early or late 365 engine and I just can see a number in the engine that is 76X73418. I don't know if with this number is possible to know which kind of 365 engine is it to start asking for spares. I need valves, springs and guides, also some seals. I don't know if it is different from an early to late 365 engine, but some shops ask me for it, others don't so I am very confused about it.Thank you very much for your help.