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Jan 3, 2012
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orange texas
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24 model T roadster p/u with 500/ t350 jag irs
The only header gaskets I've found ( commercially available) that are worth the salt are made by Remflex Gaskets. It was a pleasant surprise to me that they are manufactured less than a mile from my favorite fishing spot. I've had the honor of meeting the owner and have had excellent service with both dealings I've had with them.I've had the same set on my homemade headers for 2 years now with no problems. They are a graphite based gasket designed to withstand 3000 degrees and have a 50% crush factor so they will seal up to 1/16 inch gaps and don't require any retightening. They are sold thru distributors (such as Summit) nationwide, and are the only Cadillac header gaskets I'm aware of. Anyway, I secured permission from the owner to post their contact info if you want to deal directly with the manufacturer. Its Remflex Gaskets, po box 170, Mineral Wa. , 98355 Phone is 360 492 3100 web is info@remflex.com or www.Remflex.com.