Anyone with similar experience?


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Nov 17, 2017
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South Jersey near Philly
What vehicle(s) do you drive?
2011 CTS-V Sedan A6, Recaros, Sunroof, Bose
I have a 2011 CTS-V sedan with about 85,000 miles on it. Recently I had my first major maintenance, shocks and front upper ball joints.

Front ball joints are only sold with A-frames, so I replaced the front upper A-frames.

The rear shocks locked up solid, like they were welded inside. I replaced the shocks on all four corners, since I was replacing the front upper A-frames and the front shocks were laying beside the car anyway.

Anyone with similar experience?

NOTE: If your 2G CTS-V has a bump in the front end when you have the steering turned against the stops (for turning around, etc.) that you feel in the steering but not in the car itself, it's probably a front tire touching something. There are Service Bulletins about this. Verify by looking under the car for shiny spots. GM recommendation is no action whatsoever.