The Bowling Green Daily News reports that the Cadillac XLR will cease production forever this spring.The design of the XLR originated from the Evoq concept unveiled at the 1999 Detroit Auto Show. Unfortunately, GM needs to cut costs – and the last model will likely be a 2010 available near in the autumn of 2009. The Cadillac XLR’s high price, low volume and decreasing sales do not make for a strong business case in an economic environment that’s not conducive to new car sales in general.

Since the STS and XLR are on the chopping block, this leaves Cadillac enthusiasts with only one V-Series vehicle remaining – the CTS. The CTS-V is more roomy, has a more comfortable and luxurious interior, is faster – and costs less. Depending on your taste, the exterior even has its advantages. Plenty of people feel Cadillac really missed the mark with the XLR. The Corvette always had better engines, manual gearboxes and a better price.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, long time before Cadillac attempts anything like the XLR again. Let’s hope they get some advice from their clientelle next go around.

Cadillac XLR – Rest In Peace
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