2017 Cadillac CT6 Sedan

  • 2016 Annual Sales Increase 11.1%
  • December Global Sales Increase 15.5%

Who hasn’t noticed that Cadillac has been bringing great products and services to market? And it certainly shows with an 11.1 percent annual sales increase in 2016 compared to 2015 – 37,310 vehicles sold worldwide in December for a total of 308,692 global sales – which happens to be the most for the brand since 1986.

In December 2016, the seventh consecutive month of double-digit percentage increases for Cadillac, global sales rose 15.5 percent over December 2015. The all-new XT5 had its largest sales since launch. Cadillac sales in the midsize luxury crossover category — the industry’s strongest segment — grew 29.1 percent in December. Escalade sales rose 21.2 percent in December and 8.95 percent for the year. The XTS luxury sedan saw sales increase 14.7 percent for the month and 15.8 percent for the year.

Growth in Cadillac’s top three regional markets drove the overall increase in December. Sales in the U.S. grew 3.2 percent, while Cadillac completed its record year in China with a 45.4 percent increase. Sales in Canada rose 23.1 percent.

“It was a stunning year for Cadillac’s global growth in 2016,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen. “Drawing more customers than any year in the past 30 is an excellent springboard for the robust product offensive from Cadillac in the coming years. While growing the business significantly and attracting a youthful and affluent demographic, we continue to elevate the aspirational character of the brand. We see this in a very rich model mix, with discerning customers opting for top models with very high specifications, driving up average transaction prices in the process.”

Cadillac’s growth included a continuation in its trend of attaining higher brand prestige alongside volume growth. The brand’s average transaction prices in the U.S. market reached $53,796 per unit (according to Power Information Network.)

Cadillac sales in key regions appear in the table below.

  Dec-16 Dec-15  % Change YTD-16 YTD-15 % Change
United States 21,446 20,787 3.2 170,006 175,267 (3)
China* 13,400 9,214 45.4 116,406 79,779 45.9
Canada 1,347 1,094 23.1 12,162 12,249 (0.7)
Middle East 448 528 (15.2) 4,220 5,136 (17.8)
ROW 669 681 (1.8) 5,898 5,426 8.7
Total 37,310 32,304 15.5 308,692 277,857 11.1

*China retail sales
**Europe sales do not include Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro (which are offered in some European Cadillac dealerships.)

Annual Sales for Cadillac Reach 308,692
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