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Sales in the U.S. rise 14.5%; transaction prices are record-breaking
Cadillac passes 100,000 milestone in China for annual record

Cadillac sales topped 30,849 cars and SUVs around the world in November. This is an increase of 32.8% and the sixth month in a row of double-digit percentage improvements for the brand. To note, the previous five months had surpassed 20%. The CT6 and XT5 continue to please as customers voice their approval throughout social media. Numerous positive reviews can be found at independent publications around the internet.

Expansion in each of the biggest markets accounted for Cadillac’s overall improvement. Purchases in the United States increased 14.5% altogether and 17% among retail buyers. In the U.S., Escalade purchases increased 24%, reaching the highest November number since the introduction of the third generation back in 2007. The brand new XT5 crossover SUV had its most successful month since its introduction earlier this year.

In China, purchases grew 69.8% as Cadillac achieved a new milestone. In November, the brand passed the 100,000 unit mark in yearly purchases for the first time. This accomplishment establishes a new record for sales in a single year. For this year to date, Cadillac has increased purchases 46% in China and 10.5% worldwide.

This progress provides momentum for Cadillac to reach its goal of achieving greater brand cachet along with new sales growth. The brand’s typical purchase price in the U.S. attained the best number ever: $53,690 per vehicle.

“Cadillac’s improving products and services are stimulating constant worldwide expansion, not only in the amount of products sold but likewise in regards to brand reputation,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen. “Furthermore, passing over 100,000 units in China is a significant accomplishment, because for the first time in our long history Cadillac has established a secondary volume center to sustain our growth in the United States.”

Sales Growth Milestones Achieved by Cadillac
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